USS Arkansas



Greetings and welcome aboard the USS Arkansas. I am Captain Deadeye and I am a member of the ASG (Alpha Sim Group). The USS Arkansas is part of the Alpha Fleet Sim Group Commaned by Fleet Admiral Robert Hale. 


I am happy that the USS Arkansas has been updated and has a new crew to bring it far to the stars. If you are interested in joining the USS Arkansas, then please contact me either through ICQ or through email. I will respond to your mail and give you more, if needed, information about the ship, the ASG, or whatever you need information in.

(Email: Tuxedomask86@hotmail.com ICQ: 40785631)


To get more information about the ship, itīs crew, the simming times, specification, etc click on the buttons below to get to your destination.


Thank you for having taken the time to check out my web page.

Iīll stand of course at your disposal for any other questions.


Captain Deadeye



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